Nearly 50 years have past since the Church of England rose to power. The ascent was not a smooth one and there were plenty of martyrs on both sides of the fight, but now the memories of the burnings and tortures are fading for England. In other parts of the world the wounds are fresh, the Spanish Inquisition rages on the continent, it religious fervor threatening to engulf its neighbors. Those born with the gift when labeled devil worshipers, by both the Catholics and the Evangelicals, and hunted nearly to extinction. England has come to unofficial peace. Catholics are typically kept out of the government, exceptions are made for those like the Duke of York who have the money and military power to worship as they choose, but for most commoners they are free to practice their religion quietly accepting that this means the will be treated as second class citizens. The gifted are assumed to wiped out and those who posses the gift hide it well.

The young King William has recently taken control of the country from his mother, and those have been oppressed find hope within this new king. The King has dramatically reduced the power the Church of England has over the citizenry. The heretic examiners still exist is but is mainly in title. Indeed the last vestige of power left to the church is the Angelican Corps, a fighting force that by law answers only to God and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

While those seeking true religious freedom hail William as liberator, those who are devout believe he with his ungodly policies and loose morals will bring the wrath of God done upon England.

Crosses and Crowns

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